© Copyright of all individual works are owned by their respective authors.  ‘nanobison’ is owned by editor/founder  D. E. Helbling

Issue 3

David McGillveray Neil Davies Gene Stewart Don L. Smith James Targett Emily Gaskin (poetry)

Issue 1

Liam Rands Barbara Davies Karl El-Koura Kevin Spiess Terry Hickman Greg Beatty Kurt Newton Pam Bainbridge-Cowan (nonfiction)
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Issue 4

Justin Stanchfield Marshall Payne Tom Olbert A'Llyn Ettien Jill Elaine Hughes Fran Jacobs

Issue 7

Ryan Thomas Rafael Chandler Russell Lutz Robyn A. Hay Jefferson Ross R. W. Day T. Bilgen Manfred Gabriel Lawrence M. Schoen  

Issue 2

Gryffyd Eamonn Dempsey Paul Woodlin Michael Pignatella T. Bilgen Justin Stanchfield Lavie Tidhar (non-fiction) Nicholas Scipior Pam Bainbridge-Cowan (nonfiction)

Issue 5

Jeff Crook B. A. Barnett Tala Bar Paul Jessup Chris McTrustry Marina Lee Sable

Issue 8

James Targett Ashley Arnold Vassa and Varvara Grichko John McMullen Rob Hunter R.R. Litwicki, Jr. Miranda Warren Thomas J. Keller Justin Stanchfield  

Issue 6

Marshall Payne Robert Krahl

Issue 9

Kristine Ong Muslim (poetry) Joseph Plaxton S. C. Bryce Clare Marie Clerkin-Russell Niki Blatchley Sean Melican Clifford W. Dunbar Todd Wheeler Neil Carstairs Jim Daly Peter Schwartz (poetry) Ann Wilkes (*) Lon Prater (*)  T. L. Morganfield (*) * - work removed from archive
This is the no frills static storage site for the content of "nanobison", a speculative fiction e-zine that shined briefly some years ago.  We have made PDF versions of all nine issues of "nanobison" here for your reading pleasure.  Thanks to all who contributed to and submitted works for this zine, including original co-editor Pam Bainbridge-Cowan.  If you want to contact the editor, find his blog to make contact, as all nanobison.com email is SPAM-disposed.